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Comics Studies Database Sign-Up List

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on January 26, 2012 at 5:24:41 pm

You should sign up next to at least 3 topics as the class "expert" on that topic, at least 2 of which are associated with a week in class** (add'l topics at the bottom of the list). You should roughly follow the template shown in each category, and your entry should be properly sourced and include links for further information. Your entries should not be copies of Wikipedia. 


Confused? Here's How to Create a New Entry.


Week Major Works  Expert  Creators  Expert  Critical Approaches  Expert


Understanding Comics    Scott McCloud    Formal Analysis of Comics   
2 Supermen! The First Wave  Daniel Millwee   Siegel and Shuster    History   
3 All-Star Superman  

Grant Morrison

Frank Quitely 

Genre Analysis  Poe Johnson
4 Watchmen Rebecca Sader 

Alan Moore

Dave Gibbons

 Tracey Berry


Political Economy  
5 Maus  Mary Horvath  Art Spiegelman   Rebecca Sader Auteur Criticism  Daniel Millwee  
6 Ghost World  Devin Overman
Dan Clowes  Michael Federico
Visual Linguistics   
7 Scott Pilgrim Poe Johnson
Bryan Lee O'Malley Krystal Koonce  Ethnography Mary Horvath 
8 Fun Home   
Allison Bechdel    
Narrative Analysis   
9 Safe Area Gorazde Allene Nichols
Joe Sacco Rebecca Choi  Journalism Matt Clarkson
10 Thoreau at Walden Michael Federico
John Porcellino  
11 Suspended in Language   Jim Ottaviani   Education Allene Nichols
12 Jimmy Corrigan

Tracey Berry


Chris Ware Matt Clarkson
13 Akira Rebecca Choi  Katsuhiro Otomo   Cross-Cultural   
14 Golden Age Wonder Woman Matt Brown William Moulton Marston Matt Brown Feminist Philosophy of Science

Matt Brown

  New York: Life in the Big City   Will Eisner   Communication  
  Contract with God   Harvey Pekar    Semiotics  
  Cerebus   Dave Sim Daniel Millwee
Analyzing Wordless Comics Devin Overman
  The Spirit        Comics Modes  
* The Dark Knight Returns   Frank Miller   Image Functions   
  Ronin       Ideology  
  Sin City   Warren Ellis
  Feminism & Gender Theory Rebecca Sader 
* Bone    Stan Lee Devin Overman
* Daytripper    Jack Kirby   Cultural Studies  Michael Federico
* Sandman Krystal Koonce  Neil Gaiman Poe Johnson
Psychology & Psychoanalysis   
* Astro Boy   Osamu Tezuka   Religious Studies   
  Hellboy    Mike Mignola  Allene Nichols
  Kingdom Come Krystal Koonce  Alex Ross   Book Reviews  
  Swamp Thing: Love & Death       Wolk, Reading Comics  
  Tintin in Tibet  
Herge Mary Horvath  Comic Book Nation Rebecca Choi 
  Action Philosophers    Sergio Argones   McCloud, Reinventing Comics  
  Comic Books Comics    Max Charles Gaines
  Comics as Philosophy  
  Concrete: Think Like a Mountain       Arguing Comics

Tracey Berry


  Palestine: A Nation Occupied       Understanding Comics  
  Blankets Matt Clarkson
    The Language of Comics   
  The Golem's Mighty Swing      

The System of Comics 

    Coogan, Superhero  
  Black Hole       Morrison, Supergods   


**[N.B. Week 1 does not count as "in-class", since it will not be associated with any in-class presentation.]


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