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How to Create a New Entry

Page history last edited by Matt Brown 8 years, 8 months ago
  1. First, head over to Comics Studies Database Sign-Up List and click "Edit."
  2. If you haven't already, add your name next to at least 3 entries. After you write your name, select your full name and click "Add Link" at the top of the editor, and then hit "Enter." (If you haven't created your creator profile yet, that's OK. After following this tutorial you'll be able to figure that one out as well.)
  3. If the title of your entry is not already a link (i.e., it is not already underlined), you should select it, hit "Add Link," and then hit  "Enter."
  4. After you've made sure all of your entries are links, go ahead and hit save.
  5. Click on the link for the entry you want to create.
  6. If the entry already exists, you just need to hit "Edit" and get to work. Otherwise, read on.
  7. If the entry does not already exist, it will take you to "Create a new page." Under "Page content," click "Use a template." 
  8. Select the appropriate Template: "Works Template," "Creators Template," or "Critical Approaches."
  9. Now you're good to go.



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