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Devin Overman

Page history last edited by Devin 8 years, 6 months ago

Hi! I'm Devin!


I may know the least about comics in the whole class. Not due to lack of interest, however!


These are the comics I have read:

- Jonny the Homocidal Maniac (I really need to buy that again...)

- Owly

- Katy: Sexy Magic Vol 1

- The first page of Scott Pilgrim


And that's all I can remember. No stoning, please, I come in peace!


I'm studying writing, specifically screenplays and short stories, though I am attempting a novel workshop this semester in addition to this class, so we'll see how I feel.


I love Greek mythology.


My favorite webcomic was (no longer being created sadly) Oh My Gods! by Shivian.


That is all.

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